All institutions have superb or top place in Mathura and U.P. and the strength of the students is reaching above 12,350. All institutions are conducted by society which are spread and covered with about more than 40 acres (50,000 sq. mtrs.) built up area. These institutions are connected at a short distance of 12 Kms from Mathura city enroute Mathura-Bharatpur highway. The institutions have 26 Buses and 8 Minibuses for the proper conveyance and regular up-down and 12 other vehicles are also available within the campus. The ambulance vehicles for medical emergency are well maintained.

Bhadauria Group Of Institutions’ have a command over Genuine Education; whosoever reside in remote and backward areas; who cannot afford costly education; who are burdened with duties towards family and can’t join regular classes; can obtain more than desires. This is broad purpose of Bhadauria Group Of Institutions’ which is providing competitive and employment oriented technical as well as professional education since 2000.

The pioneer group has been established with an object of imbibing academic education. It is enriching scientific knowledge, practical skills,attitude and confidence so as to enable students and aspirants to be endeavour. In fact, the institutions have comprehensive, multifaceted, disciplined and top class education from two decade over to impart with amiable educational environment. Being a milestone, the group is growing by leaps and bounds with its dedicated, involved and committed staff. The products in the form of students play a vital role in the socio-economic growth of the nation. That’s why, ‘Bhadauria Group Of Institutions’ is touching the heights and discovering new horizons. Ultimately, the entire quality technical education is satisfactory and challenging herein.

The main objectives of the society can be fulfilled by a which will attain the atmosphere of education for blinds, orphans, disabled candidates and other backward sections of the society. The students who will get education there, can obtain freeship on the basis of conditions upto their complete education.

Bhadauria Group Of Institutions is aimed such types of courses so that the maximum students might get their employment in different fields willingly.

  • The main and foremost object lies in our institutions that all areas where the needy people reside, they can get educated their children upto door-steps.There is a constant view towards awakening and inspiring them for higher education so that they can feel advancement amongst great and well educated personalities.
  • The education which can be secured in other cities is opted in our group institutions which are well equipped with latest scientific apparatus, machines and laboratories of expected disciplines. The group hopes that any student will not be deprived of such type of education of higher standard.
  • Our institutions maintain the system of valuable education in maximum within minimum of fees and charges without any confusion of decision making. They can survive with all required facilities under one roof.

Thus, the group and management have quite approach towards all strategies and tactics in functioning esteemed institutions.